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Dry Fruits

Flours, grains, and similar products like gram and its product lines; pulses and their products; sugar in all varieties, edible oils, and dry fruits are all included in this category. The fact that the goods in this category are consumed fresh as well as semi-prepared factors for the category's considerable market size, which is the greatest among all food groups.


Products like Milk, Yogurt, Cream, Butter, Cheese are the dairy products which are made from the milk. We provide a large variety of dairy products at our store.

Rice and flour

Rice and flour are basically the main part of the meals of lunch and dinner of everyone, and everyone makes sure to consume the best quality rice or flours, our store keeps Rices and Flours of the best quality of best brands, and you will get most options at our store at the most affordable rates.


We have a large variety of spicy products which people mostly often use in their kitchen to make food such as Coriander seeds (dhania), Mustard seeds, Fenugreek Seeds, Peppercorns, Cumin Seeds, Red Chillies powder, Kashmiri red chilli, Tamarind, etc. you can buy all such items from the large options at a very reasonable rate.


All products which are used for cleaning purposes like laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid/detergent, all such products you will find here at our store easily.

Fresh Produce

On top of a wave of healthy eating habits that calls for a considerable amount of fresh vegetables in one's daily diet, Fresh food is divided into two categories: fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are being consumed by everyone and their daily basis needs and mainly picked by all customers.


Most people now have only one breakfast to have which is bread and bakery products like Bread, Bun, Biscuits, Cookies, Doughnuts, Crackers, etc. all such products you will find here at our Walkinmart store.

Paper Goods

Products like paper towels, toilet paper, aluminum foil, sandwich bags are also being available at our store and many paper products have actually high demands for some people.

Personal Care

All products which people use for their personal care like shampoo, soap, hand soap, shaving cream, face wash, etc. (bathroom products) you will find all such items of all the brands at our store.


There is a good and huge variety of coffee/tea, juice, soda, soft drinks of all popular brands at our store which mostly people consume in their daily lives, tea and coffee are the products without them people can’t survive. It’s the most basic necessity of their life. Many people also consume Packaged drinking and flavoured water, although it is the smallest segment in the beverages market but still its preferable.

Birthday And Party

If you are looking for birthday decoration items like; balloons, candles, or any such decorative item then you will find all such items here easily at our store. We have a large variety of decorative items for birthday-related functions.


If you are looking for accessories, you are at the right place, here you will get all mobile accessories items like; mobile charger, speaker, headphones, selfie stick, data cables, etc. and you will find all such items at our Walkinmart store.

Antiseptic & First Aid

First Aid products like; any bandage, any antiseptic pill, or first aid kit, you will find all such medical items here at our walkinmart store easily.

Breakfast Needs

We have a large variety of cereal & bars products like; Kellogg’s bar of different flavours, all such breakfast items are available here at our store.

Canned & Bottled food

We have a large variety of canned and bottled food products at our store, you will find all canned products here at a reasonable rate.


If you are thinking of giving some gift to someone then a crockery set is a good option to give, we have some beautiful collections of crockery sets you can explore at our store, and you will find really good options at our store.

Food preserves jars items

The jars which preserve food into them are also available at our store at a very reasonable rate at our Wlkinmart store.

Edible Oil

If you are looking for Edible oil, then you will find so many options at our store of edible oil of different brands, and you can buy them at a very reasonable rate and will get many discounts.

Electrical appliances

Electrical appliances like; washing machines, microwave, mixer, refrigerator, etc. all such items are also available at our store.

Frozen food products

Frozen food products like; Mccain french fries, Mccain smiles, and vegetable fingers are available at our store, you have to keep them in a chilled space at home. We also keep frozen packed non veg products like lunch meat, poultry, beef, pork, etc.

Gift Items

You will find many gift items here at our store. We have a great collection of gifts like; watches, lockets, perfumes, etc. and many other items you can explore.

Health supplements

We also provide health supplements products, the people who are gym freaks mostly demand health supplements, so we provide them many types of nutrition, proteins, muscle gain products, at a discounted price.

Noodles & pasta

We offer a large variety of Noodles and pastas at the most reasonable rates, and at much-discounted prices for loyal customers at our store.


If you are looking for hosiery wear then you are at the right place, we have a huge variety of hosiery wear for womens.

Ice cream

If you are looking for Ice cream dessert then here is your destination, we have many different flavours of ice creams of many different brands, you can pick your favourite one out of among.

Oral care

Oral care products like; brush, mouth freshener, cleanser, etc. such items are also available at our store of the best quality brands, many people have their regular orders of such items for their self care.

Plastic and disposable

We have a large variety of Plastic items like; Plastic glasses, bowls, spoons, and all such utensils are available at our store.


All Pooja items like; Agarbatti, dhoop, of different companies, all are available at our Walkinmart store.

Readymade Ready to Eat

All Readymade products like; MTR Dosa, MTR rasgulla, and maggie cups, the products that can be made immediately, all such products are available at our store

Sports items

All sports items are also available at our store like; Badminton, Cricket Bat, Ball, Football, Hockey, tennis ball, basketball, etc. And all such sports items are present at our store.


If you are looking for footwears, then this is the right place for you to explore footwears, we have a large variety of footwears like; sandals, casual shoes, sports shoes, formal shoes, slippers, etc. for men's and women's both.


If you are looking for any stationary item like; notebooks, pens, charts, glue, etc. then you don’t need to switch to any other app, our app provides you the option to buy stationary from our store, Isn’t this amazing you can buy groceries and stationary from the same store without putting extra efforts, but this is possible with Walkinmart, you can order all items at one place easily.

Baby Care

All kids items are also available at our store like; toys, teddies, baby diapers, shampoo, soap, lotion, etc. All such baby products are present at our store.


If you are looking for cosmetics, you are at the right place, here you will get the cosmetics of the best brands. All Cosmetics items like; primer, foundation, eye liner, kajal, maskara, etc. are of well established brands you will find at our Walkinmart store.

Pet Items

Pet products like; pet food, belts, such pet items are also available at our store of the best quality, many people have their regular orders of such items for their pets.

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